Lori Lebda &
Tami Bergeson
Fun personality quiz
books  for  tv  buffs,
animal lovers and more...
A 500-year-old
artifact and a DVD
revealed clues that
Jack and Maya’s
parents were
murdered on an
expedition to find a
fabled key with
powers. So much
for the tragic
accident, a lie
they'd been fed.
The teens jet off
to Peru to retrace
their parents’
journey, unaware
that they were
walking into a trap.

Book 2
coming soon!
Copyright © 2007, Lori Lebda & Tami Bergeson, All rights reserved
I Am A What?   
Quiz Book Series
Do you have the face of a Collie,
with the determination of a
Bloodhound, the heart of a Husky
and the voice of a Chihuahua?  With
over 100 breeds, what dog are you?

Quiz one is for personality, quiz two
is appearance and quiz three is life
choices. Each test score will account
for one component of your "puppy
genetic makeup."  Will you be a
purebred, mixed or mutt?
Take three fun quizzes to
learn what cat, out of 40
breeds, you are for
personality, appearance
and choices. Will you
end up being a
purebred, mixed or a
What Dog Are You?
Discovering Your Inner Pooch
What Cat Are You?
Discovering Your
Inner Feline
Young Adult Series
Crypt of Souls,    
Handra's Tomb
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