About Us
Lori is the co-author of the popular series, I Am A What? Quiz
Books, and, Crypt of Souls, Handra's Tomb (The Sinclair Saga),
a young-adult book series. Book two of The Sinclair Saga,
Aznaro's Tomb, and, What Cat Are You? Discovering Your Inner
Feline, will be out by fall of 2013.

The challenges of 'potty training' her dog, Buddy, inspired Lori
to write What Dog Are You? Discovering Your Inner Pooch. That
book kicked off the I Am A What? Quiz Books and led her to
Tami Bergeson (her co-writer). Where Lori's math skills were
lacking (for the point system in the quiz books), Tami was a
guru. They worked so well together that they continue adding
more quiz books and have recently written a young-adult series

Lori has lived in TX, TN, N. D., AZ, and CO. (her father and then
husband were in the Air Force). She finally settled down in an
itty bitty town (population approx. 1000) in Iowa with her
husband and two grown children.
Tami Bergeson lives in Iowa with her husband, two teens and an
ever-changing menagerie of animals.

We have had several requests for the publication date
What Cat Are You? Discovering Your Inner Feline. We
are still in the editing and testing stage, but hope to
have it published very soon.
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Lori & Tami have been friends since early 2000 when their
daughters were in the same Girl Scout troop.
Lori's favorite question in What Dog Are You? is from Quiz 1:
Pooch-Onality, question #

6. Your owner put a quarter in an arcade love-meter machine for
you. Would you most likely land on...

A. Zero- the dud.
B. The number three or four-love bug.
C. The number six or seven-passionate.
D. Eight, nine, ten-Ready or not, here I come!

Tami's favorite question in
What Dog Are You? is from Quiz 2:
Dapper Dogs, question #

10. Describe your derriere?

A. Buns of Steel.
B. Perfectly Pert.
C. Royally Rounded.
D. Non-existent.
5 Fun Facts About Lori & Tami

1. Most surprising job we ever had was...  
Lori: Private Investigator
Tami: Biscuit Maker

2. Favorite splurge...
Lori: Movies
Tami: Movies

3. One unusual or weird fact about ourselves is...
Lori: I have never used Ketchup (BBQ only!)
Tami:  I can be a daredevil (and a closet trekkie)

4. Favorite color....
Lori: Purple & Green
Tami: Copper

5. Favortie place you've traveled to...
Lori: Sedona, Arizona
Tami: Alaska

What we do in our spare time.
Lori: Watch too much History, BBC and SyFy,
and play spider solitaire and family.
Tami: Pogo, Wii, read and play with the kids.

These are the two questions that we are asked the most in
interviews and at book signings.

1.  Did you have to research a lot?   Yes, for over a year we
gathered information and cross-referenced it before writing
anything.  We went through numerous books, magazines and
internet sites to compile the most similar and up to date data so
the results of the quizzes would be as acurate as possible. In fact
we had to remove four dog breeds and replace them with other
dogs, because they were too close in traits.

2.  Does this book help you to choose a pet that you would be
compatible with?  It can since we try to give the readers a lot of
info on the different breeds of dog, from personality & character
to choices and appearance. This gives you a good opportunity to
match the dogs traits to your own. If you live life in the slow lane
you may want a docile dog to fit your lifestyle, or visa-versa.
Tami with Pickle (white boxer) and
mom to Dill, black Boxer/Lab mix.
Also, not to be left out, in the
window is Tiger, a male Egyptian
Mau, and Zena, a female tortise
shell Calico.
Lori and her Yorkie, Buddy. Instead
of getting his picture taken he was
way more interested in his
squeeky toy.
After bribing Buddy with liver treats
(his favorite) he finally looked at the
camera, and I of course, looked
away! Go figure.