The Sinclair Saga

Crypt of Souls, Handra's Tomb
Book 1

A 500 year old artifact and a DVD reveal clues that
Jack and Maya’s parents were murdered on an
expedition to find a fabled key with supernatural powers.
So much for the tragic accident, a lie they'd been fed
and the key was still missing. The teens jet off to Peru
to retrace their parents’ journey hoping that they aren't
walking into a trap.

They quickly learn that finding the key is the only way to
find the killer. With an encrypted map from a shaman,
they explore an ancient civilization and uncover a hidden
crypt that is heavily guarded by a century’s old secret-
Little did they know that locating the crypt would be just
the beginning of their mission.

Their quest turns deadly as a shape shifter threatens to
stop them. Can she be the girl that’s been flirting with
Jack? She's always around. They only have four days to
decipher clues, outwit traps and fend off wicked spirits
to uncover the mysteries of the secret prophecy.
Primeval magic and mystical ceremonies that raise the
dead help them to stay one step ahead of the treasure
hunter that stalks their every move. Was he the one that
murdered their parents?
Handra's Tomb
is book 1 in a 4-book series.

Book 2 coming soon!
Copyright © 2007, Lori Lebda & Tami Bergeson, All rights reserved